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Life After Holy Week

So much goes on in church during every week that I thought it would be worthwhile sharing my experiences of a couple days in the life of the Town Church.  The emotional weight of Holy Week can feel like an extreme sport at times and I can struggle to pick myself up from it.  I was looking forward to spending some time in church but had not expected to feel as renewed and fulfilled as I did.


Before the 10-12 Wednesday Welcome, the Fire Brigade had agreed to remove a flag and bracket from the South Transept that needed repair.  They arrived in style and soon began to assess the most efficient way to access the bracket and take it down safely.  Knowing they were coming, we set aside a few Wednesday Welcome cakes as a thank you.  Spare furniture is currently stored in the South Transept and needed to be moved in order to provide access for the Fire Brigade.  It would be great to remove these items of furniture from church as they are currently obscuring monuments.  If anyone has space to spare that could be easily accessed when required, please contact me.

I can’t attend the Wednesday Welcome on a regular basis and have really enjoyed joining in  during the Easter holidays.  It is a great opportunity for all members of the church to welcome and support each other.  There is space for everyone and a real sense that whatever stage of your journey you might be at, Town Church will hold you safe.  One regular and best behaved member of the gang is Peter’s dog Boomer, who also doubles up as a reliable food hoover.   


Art for Guernsey was running a Turner inspired holiday club and had asked to bring in a young team of sketch artists to visit the church,  learn about its history and sketch the interior.   The student artists really loved the stained glass windows and knew a lot already about how to tell a story in picture form.

For a closer look at their artwork, please visit Art for Guernsey on Facebook.  

These events are easy to overlook when our own busy lives are at the forefront of our minds and it felt both special and reassuring to see so many people being brought together in the church.

With best wishes, Sally.

People’s Warden


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