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The Town Church Choir 

Organist, Director of Music and Choir Master :

Stephen le Prevost

After visiting the Town Church for an Easter Eucharist, a Mystery Worshipper* was asked the following questions;

Which part of the service was like being in heaven?

"Most of the service was divine, but particular mention must be made of the wonderful choir (including some very impressive soloists) whose singing of the Schubert Mass in G was absolutely beautiful."

What one thing will you remember about all this in seven days' time ?

"The glorious singing of the choir."

Singing challenging music beautifully is difficult to do and takes lots of practice. It is important that when we sing, we sing beautifully, because it touches people’s souls. To create beautiful music together, is to glorify God, and help people experience a holy moment. These are moments where we can touch someone and help them have a moment with God.  


A church choir’s job is not just to sing beautifully, but rather it is to minister to the congregation and to each other in a variety of ways, helping to change the world into a more loving and peaceful place.

Town Church Youth Choral Scholarships

In 2018 the Town Church launched a Youth Choral Scholarship Programme.


The programme gives those who win a place in the Town Church Youth Choir an unrivalled experience of musical discipline, sight reading and the opportunity to sing weekly during term time with one of the island’s top choirs.

As well as providing an excellent general musical training for all, the awards provide valuable experience for those children seeking to secure university choral awards or conservatoire entrance in the future.  Former choristers have gone on to study music at The Royal College of Music, Durham University and Oxford University.

Please click here to get in touch with us.

* The Mystery Worshipper, which produced this report, is run by, a UK based Christian satirical online magazine. Mystery Worshippers are volunteers who visit churches of all denominations worldwide, leaving a calling card in the collection plate and posting a first-timer’s impression of services on Ship of Fools. For further reports, visit the Mystery Worshipper at:

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